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About Oceanic

Your best partner

At Oceanic we export and import household and personal hygiene products, perfumery, cosmetics, food, and health and personal care products. Over 20 years of experience guarantees our work and makes us the best option when it comes to managing and placing orders. Ask us for a quote, with no obligation, and learn about all the advantages of working with Oceanic, the company behind all the leading brands.

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Punctuality, professionalism, and commitment

From Spain, we provide our services for Europe, Africa, Asia, and America, by land, sea, and air. We also have a network of sales representatives who speak the world’s biggest languages. We only work with products in stock, prioritising professionalism and punctuality in shipments.

We have over 15,000 m2 of warehouse space and are currently extending our capacity by 14,000 m2 in pallets.


Variety, quality, innovation

We have over 1,000 household, perfumery, cosmetics, personal hygiene, and health and personal care products from leading brands. In addition, we are continually developing in order to introduce the latest on the market.

Remember, we only work with:

Experts in the household product industry

Providing flexibility and the ability to adapt to needs and particular requirements, respecting the cultures and traditions of every country.

Which operate in the the international market

We have staff who speak Spanish, French, Dutch, English, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and Italian.

With a minimum order of €5,000

We only work with brands that we have in stock, providing the greatest value at the lowest costs.