About Oceanic

Our compromise is reach to you

Almost twenty years ago we started writing the history of OCEANIC IMPORT EXPORT, your reference partner in personal hygiene products, drugstore, perfumery and cosmetics. From our beginnings we had two clear objectives:

  • Reach you no matter where you are with the fastest international service.
  • We work with products in stock, that is why our warehouses have more than 1,000 references in leading brand items.

Your trust in us make us bigger

Career path

The growth of OCEANIC IMPORT EXPORT is reflected in our numbers. We were born with an initial workforce of 2 people and now we are over 40 employees.


The confidence in our work has made 500 customers choose us as their reference partner for personal hygiene, drugstore,personal care, perfumery and cosmetics.


We adapt to your needs , respecting the cultures and traditions of your country. We have native staff in Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Arabic, Portuguese and Italian.

International distributors


We transport merchandise daily to different points in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East . Our experience in the import and export of products allows us reach any corner of the planet by land, sea or air.

Africa America Asia Europe

We grow to offer you the best service

To improve its service OCEANIC IMPORT EXPORT has expanded its warehouse.

  • Size

    Our current warehouse will double until total size of 22.000 m2.

  • References

    We remodel our warehouse to meet one of the main demands of our customers: the stock with more than 1.000 references.

  • Technologies

    All our warehouses have the latest technologies available in robotics for product and stock management .

Work with us

In OCEANIC IMPORT EXPORT we want people like you, enthusiastic, proactive, professional and eager to work. Join our team and be part of this great project!

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