OCEANIC increases its international presence in sector fairs
09 January, 2019

OCEANIC’s international vision has a clear objective: to promote the brand’s values in the foreign market. To achieve this, one of their actions is their presence in international fairs in the sector of household products, personal hygiene, perfumery, cosmetics, and health and personal care products, where the possibilities to weave alliances and reach agreements with distributors are increased.


Over the last year, OCEANIC has visited the most prestigious fairs in the world. At the sector’s best fairs, average attendance levels can reach around 9,000 professionals specialising in personal hygiene products, household products, perfumery, cosmetics, and health and personal care, along with the 350 companies which exhibit their products in person.


During these fairs, OCEANIC displays the characteristics which make it the best partner for the import and export of products, which are principally household and personal hygiene products: a stock of more than 1,000 items which are immediately available and the capacity to deliver products in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America with the means sufficient to reach any part of this international territory.


As well as improving business relationships, for OCEANIC the fairs are a place to meet with current and future clients who share a vision and business values. In fact, many conference organisations propose parallel activities which aim to strengthen ties, such as conferences and talks by professionals in the sector.


For its last fair, OCEANIC created a stand which measured 63 m2. Due to the high attendance at these events, which can sometimes exceed 64,000 visitors, visitors’ first impressions are crucial. In addition, OCEANIC shows all attendees a display of the products they sell for customers who may be interested in their services.


New goals

Objectives for 2019 consist of following the same line as in recent years with regard to OCEANIC’s international expansion. The expansion of commercial relationships with personal hygiene, household, perfumery, cosmetics, and health and personal care distributors, wholesalers, and suppliers is one of the main points. Furthermore, OCEANIC’s participation in international fairs allows the brand to grow in both recognition and visibility, in addition to improving its existing commercial ties.